Diffusion Plate Characteristics

Diffusion Plate Characteristics

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Optical characteristic value detection method of diffusion plate:

1, the appearance is cheap, convenient, easy to carry, but due to the interference of natural light, the general test results are generally higher. This instrument is for reference only and cannot be used as a precision instrument when comparing.

2, Transmittance Fog Tester: The instrument is less affected by the outside world in the course of the test, so the test results are lower and more accurate than the comparison meter. GeneralAcrylic diffusion PlateManufacturers use this instrument to test their own products to penetrate fog.

3, Integral ball: integral ball Test outlet transmittance is very accurate, almost not disturbed by the external environment, so in the same board test data is lower than the above two, because the equipment is expensive, so only large lighting companies use equipment to detect transmittance. (Note: The size of the ball, the position of the ball, the interval of the probe, the point of view of the probe and the size of the light source will affect the test knot).

4, intensity dispersion: light intensity dispersion of the luminaire has the commercial value of the target thing, because with him only d one-to-one lamp lamps optical good test, other things, some light molecules measurement or measurement data definition, with the luminaire information, whether in line with the World Lighting Association regulations, It can only be measured by it. Therefore, considering that the use of test instruments is different, the measurement of light transmittance is different, in the selection of diffuser is to ask which kind of instrument transmittance is far from the ideal product.