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A brief analysis of the difference between transparent scrub acrylic plate and Akeri panel
- 2019-02-13-

Speaking ofTransparent Scrub Acrylic Plate, let's start by understanding what is acrylic? The subatomic force is actually a chemical, commonly known as plexiglass, which is more hardness and not brittle than the glass we see or use on our usual days. Cars, buses, some high-rise windows and so on are the use of transparent scrub acrylic board. and transparent scrub acrylic board is a bit of small particles and friction of acrylic, compared to the Akeri panel, can mask the view of people. Today we will come together to understand the transparent scrub acrylic board related raw materials and what is the difference with the Akeri panel.

Transparent matte acrylic plate is a kind of plexiglass, the chemical name is Polymethyl methacrylate, in Hong Kong This kind of information is also known as methylene. Say plexiglass maybe some friends will misunderstand it is a kind of glass, in fact, it is a kind of plastic, transparent scrub acrylic board belongs to thermoplastic, with a good plasticity, beautiful appearance. Transparent scrub acrylic plate can be divided into pouring plate, extrusion plate and mold plastic. For the current technology, there are four primary processing methods, the first: casting molding. The second type: injection molding. The third type: extrusion molding. Type Fourth: Thermoforming sub-gram.

The difference between transparent scrub acrylic plate and Akeri panel

The Akeri panel naturally refers to a very bright, smooth plane effect. High transmittance, highlight, no bubble, is the fundamental quality requirements of the bright surface acrylic, no matter how thin or many thick data, can do such quality requirements, which is why many fashion high-end brands, in the Mall of the terminal display, will use a very thick glossy acrylic data.

Matte Acrylic, also known as matte surface acrylic, and bright surface acrylic comparison, as the name suggests, the appearance of the product with scrub effect, from the data to see the appearance of the characteristics is not transparent. Dumb acrylic Zui Big advantage is, when the hand after the acrylic data, the appearance of the material is not easy to leave finger marks, zui to ensure that the appearance of the product in the use of the process of cleanliness and cleanliness. And the data in the shopping malls, exhibition halls and counters in the strong lighting environment display, because of the appearance of the sand scrub effect, even in the bright light environment, will not cause the appearance of the data reflection, so that customers in the wanton point of view, still can clearly see the information on the appearance of the content displayed on the board.

After the above introduction, we can see that the transparent scrub acrylic board and Akeri panel in fact, the raw materials are the same, but the form of expression is different. It has a huge effect everywhere. Items like the counters of some shopping malls are presented through the Akeri panel. and transparent scrub acrylic board relative to the YULHAC panel Zui big advantage is to resist dirty, even if the hand touched, will not leave any traces. Therefore, some office partitions are the use of transparent scrub Acrylic board panel. In addition, transparent scrub acrylic board panel reflective ability is relatively flawed, so some luminaire panels will also be used to transparent scrub acrylic board panel. In life everywhere there is transparent scrub acrylic board use, we need to use the eyes to find.