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A brief analysis of PC Hollow Sun plate What are the installation methods
- 2019-02-13-

Screw Mounting method

(1) screw distance, can be based on the thickness of the plate, to make the appropriate configuration, the distance is too small and too large are not good. If the distance is too small, sometimes due to too tight to trigger stress, resulting in damage, such as distance is too large, can makePC Hollow Sun PlateFixed instability. For this referral choose the next distance:

A: Less than 3.0mm thick plate, distance of 10~20cm

B: Plate thickness of more than 3.0mm, distance of 20~30cm

C: If fixed in strip, the distance is 20~30cm

Note: If the PC hollow sun plate is fixed directly with the self-tapping screw, the larger the screw distance, the less difficult the plate is to be damaged by stress.

(2) The size of the screw hole should take into account the PC Hollow sun Plate Summer season and book Night thermal expansion and contraction of the difference. In general, the screw aperture should be more than the screw zui less diameter 2~4mm, in order to reserve a large space (3) screw hole position is too close to the edge of the PC Hollow sun plate, it is very easy to form a broken plate, in general, the position of the screw hole from the edge of the PC Hollow sun plate is more than 2.5 times times the diameter For example, the diameter of 4mm screws, then the position of the screw hole at least from the edge of the PC Hollow sun plate to have more than 1cm.

(4) Do not lock the screws too tight, otherwise deformation, and lead to stress.

(5) lock on the PC Hollow sun plate screws as far as possible do not choose self-tapping screws, otherwise stress occurs, and the stress increases with the thickness of the plate.

(6) In order to reduce the direct pressure of the screw material, can be used in the course of gasket filling pad, but PVC washer and some rubber ring will damage the PC Hollow Sun Board, can not use. It is advocated that the raw materials used for gaskets are EPDM, silicone rubber and neoprene.

Dry Mounting method

The so-called dry type, that is, do not use sealant. Because it is sometimes possible to have a large number of plate swelling beyond the extension limit of the sealant situation and in order to aesthetic needs, the advantage of the dry installation system is that the sealant strip pressed in the Strip (aluminum alloy profile) inside, so that the plate in the expansion and load position movement can be freely moved.


Do not use PVC sealant strips, because the addition of plasticizers in soft PVC to the appearance of the plate, will make the appearance of the plate cracking, and even the whole plate is damaged. The applicable sealing strip information is neoprene, or EPDM, etc., and their hardness is about Shaw A65.

Wet Mounting method

This installation system is mainly used for small equipment, such as car depots, station canopies, rain eaves, greenhouses and many other occasions in place of glass. Elected with wet mounting method, the basic requirements shown in Figure 2 below are that the sealing system should be able to withstand a certain amount of movement of the plate, allowing heat expansion without falling its adhesion to the structure and plate. General referral using neutral silicone glue and hollow PC hollow PC Hollow Sun plate wet installation, but to pay special attention to, before use must check the chemical nature of the sealant used, certainly can not choose acidic and alkaline silicone glue, because these curing agents will lead to plate cracking, especially when there is internal stress, in the selection of sealants, In addition to considering chemical suitability, we should also focus on inspection, elongation and weather resistance. Storage and transportation of PC Hollow Sun Plate (1) to be kept indoors, never allow daylight to shine directly or rain (2) by hand, the height of the placement should not exceed two meters. No heavy loads shall be pressed on the board, and there shall be no hard objects between the plates.

(3) The storage room shall be kept clean, dry and prevent dust from invading. No other chemicals should be stored in the room together.

(4) When storing, the protective film shall not be damaged or removed.

(5) The transport must be placed flat on the area larger than the plate of the clean flat tray, if necessary, should be properly tied to prevent sensation and sliding, pay attention to protect the edge of the plate does not make damage and double-sided protective film adhere to the integrity.