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Whether the fog degree of PS diffusion plate will affect its transmittance
- 2019-02-13-

       PS Diffusion Plateis a PS (polystyrene) plate varieties with light diffusion properties of the material, acrylic (PMMA), PC, PP, PS and other raw material diffusion plate category, with a certain degree of fog, transmittance, refractive index and other plastic plate optical characteristics, can be useful to the point or line light source into a soft, uniform surface light source, On the premise of reaching the outstanding transmittance, at the same time has a prominent light source dot-matrix cover, plus the price is relatively affordable. As a result, it is widely used in booming LCD-TV and LED lighting products, adding a choice of optical diffusion materials for two light distribution of LED lighting products. PS diffusion plate Wangwenshengyi is made of PS, PS Chinese name is Polybenzene B dilute, is a relatively low-order bright brittle glue in petroleum chemistry, English for GPPS, the specific gravity as long as 1.047~1.049, in full bright light transmittance of 87%, is the plastic refractive index second only to the PC's second high-bright material, In the weather resistance is extremely easy to turn yellow, in extreme cold extremely brittle cracking, is generally used for one-sex products.

The fog degree of PS diffusion plate has a certain influence on the light transmittance of the material, what kind of influence, the fog is what, this let the small part to give us the analysis.

Fog, also known as turbidity, can be used to measure the extent to which bright and perhaps semi-illuminated materials are unclear or dirty, representing the target of scattering. Fog is produced because of the cloudy or dirty appearance caused by light scattering inside or outside the material. Briefly speaking, fog is the percentage of the ratio of the luminous flux of the bride price to the luminous flux of the painful material. Transmittance and fog are important targets for measuring the clarity of materials, and the relationship between them is as follows: Generally speaking, there is an inverse relationship between transmittance and fog, that is, materials with high transmittance, with low fog, and vice versa. But the relationship between the two is not always the same, and sometimes there are the opposite results. such as the hair glass transmittance is higher, but its fog is also relatively large. So the transmittance and fog are the two optical targets that are both hostile and connected to each other.

PS Diffusion Board Features:

1, relatively low price, the weather resistance is worse than PMMA, the use of outdoor moisture, ultraviolet environment brittle, yellowish degeneration is more obvious, the specific gravity is about 1.05, more than PMAM (1.2) light, PP (0.96) heavy, suitable for machining, thermoforming, considering the ease of integration, advocating not to do laser cutting processing.

2, the appearance of scrub treatment, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant stability, advocating the use of ambient temperature 60-80 degrees. Good dimensional stability, mold production shrinkage rate of 0.45% or less. It has outstanding external anti-static properties to prevent dust adsorption.

3, transmittance: 60%-80% (adjustable size). PS diffusion plate is widely used in liquid crystal display, LED lighting and imaging display system, its main function is to make the incident light filling diffusion, complete a softer, uniform irradiation effect.

PS Diffusion Board is also extremely widely used in modern light production industry. However, some of its functions and potential for use have not yet been fully developed. and merchants and scientific research and technology scientists are also actively exploring its ancillary value, urine also believe that it will develop better and better. It will be the same as PS software to make it known to the general public.