• PS Plate

    PS PlatePS board to polystyrene as the main raw material, by extrusion, can be self-coloring, odorless tasteless non-toxic, not fungus growth, with rigidity, insulation, good printing and Contact Now

  • Plexiglass Manufacturers

    Plexiglass ManufacturersPlexiglass is divided into colorless bright, colorful bright, pearlescent, embossed plexiglass four kinds. Plexiglass is often referred to as acrylic, medium-spun acrylic, Agli.  PContact Now

  • Acrylic Plate

    Acrylic PlateAcrylic Board protection and repair, protection acrylic board, first of all you should know the quality characteristics of acrylic acid, acrylic appearance beautiful, simple procesContact Now

  • Diffusion Plate Characteristics

    Diffusion Plate CharacteristicsDiffusion plate optical Characteristic value detection method: 1, the appearance is cheap, convenient, easy to carry, but due to the interference of natural light, the general testContact Now

  • Light Guide Plate Purchasing

    Light Guide Plate PurchasingThe Light guide plate is made of laser engraving, is the selection of optical acrylic/PC plate, and then with high reflectivity and high absorption of high-tech data, in the opticaContact Now

  • Light Guide Plate Manufacturers

    Light Guide Plate ManufacturersUnlike OLED, OLED does not require an independent light source, the guide plate manufacturer it needs backlight and many other components to make the LCD TV thicker than OLED TV. LContact Now

  • Plexiglass

    PlexiglassPlexiglass slender light box inspired by LCD TV, LCD TV, for backlight technology supply refer to, developed a new type of advertising carrier (the industry known as "Light Guide pContact Now

  • Acrylic

    Acrylic"Giant Road" extrusion acrylic board by Wuxi Giant Road Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. production, the use of imported production equipment, import production technology, to fContact Now

  • Diffusion plate

    Diffusion plateTheoretical basis: When light travels from one medium to a smooth interface of another, part of the light is reflected by the interface, and part of the light is refracted through Contact Now

  • Light Guide Plate

    Light Guide PlateLight Guide Plate in 2011 or before is a relatively little-known business term, today the word has become a constant search for products in the 2014 shopping malls, many enterpriseContact Now

  • PC Board

    PC BoardPC board resistance to weak acid, is to polycarbonate as the main component, the selection of co-extrusion skills CO-EXTRUSION, showing that the PC board resistance to neutral oil,Contact Now