Product Details

      PlexiglassThe slender light box is inspired by LCD TV, LCD TV, for backlight technology supply, developed a new type of advertising carrier (the industry called "Light Guide plate", I thought it is not a light box, known as "Plexiglass"), its characteristics are as follows:

1, beautiful appearance, thickness is generally less than 3cm, light guide plate space Utilization Zui Dahua, landscaping, use range expansion. 2, bright light complete plane output, almost perfect uniformity, completely eliminate the general light box of the general light and dark. Its good optical function in addition to widely used in public places, but also expanded its appearance, photography and medical sections, scientific research accuracy is high, in the high-tech effect category of high standards of lighting use can be comparable with the liquid crystal display device. 3. Another commendable strength of it is energy conservation. As a result of the selection of advanced luminescent technology, light guide plate power Consumption is only 23% of the general lighting box, the screen area is the same. In 1M2 's light box, the light box is used for 10 hours a day. The annual power of the Light box is close to 900 degrees. The annual electricity supply of the light box is only 200 degrees, and the energy saving rate is 77%.

4,Transparent Plexiglass plateThe Uniform service life of ultra-high brightness and high brightness fluorescent lamps used exceeds 8,000 hours, and the Uniform service life of the special cold cathode lamp of the guide plate exceeds 15,000 hours. The service life of the lamp used in Plexiglass is 5 ~ 10 days of the general lamp life. Extended service life greatly saves maintenance costs.

5, plexiglass widely selected imported high-quality aluminum alloy to open the overall frame structure, equipped with portable hooks or hanging holes, so that the light box installation and replacement simple, convenient, labor-saving, time and money saving.