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Plexiglass Manufacturers

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Plexiglass is divided into colorless bright, colorful bright, pearlescent, embossed plexiglass four kinds. Plexiglass is often referred to as acrylic, medium-spun acrylic, Agli. Plexiglass has outstanding clarity, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful.

Advantages of Plexiglass structure:

1, prominent portrayal, not weakness. Compared with the commonly used glass and general plastic products, the advantages of the new data acrylic acid are very significant.

2, good light transmittance, strong corrosion resistance, strong plasticity. Compared with the general plastic, acrylic light transmittance is better, bright acrylic plate than glass. Compared with traditional materials such as glass, the advantages of acrylic acid are becoming more prominent, and resistance is a more significant advantage. It is said that in some places the legislation is clear, the window glass of the children's activity place is replaced by acrylic board, precisely because of its strong resistance, not weakness. At the same time, our company also manufacturesPLEXIGLASS Blister Plate, interested in welcome calls for detailed consultation.

3, a simple process. Acrylic softens, keep in shape at 180 ℃, temperature cooling to room temperature can be shaped.

4, optical acrylic data than glass density is small, much lighter than the same volume of data.

5, outstanding oxidation resistance, not easy to deform and discoloration.